General Questions

We would like to discuss a project. How soon can we talk to someone?

Provided we receive your call before noon, expect a reply before 5pm. If your call is after noon, we will reach out to you no later than 10am the next day. Weekend inquiries will be addressed the following Monday.

How do you accept payment?

We accept checks, Venmo and credit cards, however we do assess a 4% convenience fee with all credit cards.


How long does a lighting project usually take?

Depending on the quantity of fixtures, our installs roughly take a day to complete. Lighting systems that include installation through existing hardscaped areas such as steps and walls may take longer depending on the size of the system.

How much does a lighting project cost?

Depending on how you would like your home to be displayed, our lighting systems can be detailed to meet your budget and look. Ottos Landscaping and Lighting offers an array of fixtures made of brass which are more durable and longer lasting giving you decades of enjoyment.

Do your lighting systems come with a warranty?

Absolutely! Our installs come with a 5-year warranty. The warranty is further extended through our manufacturers with a 10–15-year warranty.

Can you add onto our existing system?

Certainly. First, Our technicians will review your existing system to see if it is up to date and if your transformer will support additional wattage. If so, we will discuss options with you. If not, an inexpensive yet timesaving upgrade may be in order.

I can't remember when our present system was installed. When should I consider installing a new system?

When installed correctly, a landscape lighting project will last for many years. However, if a system is older than 10 years and you have noticed problems such as dim lights, sections of lights not working or sporadic on/off cycles due to weather, then a new system should be considered.

Do you use LED bulbs in your fixtures?

YES! LED has paved the way since its inception years ago. These longer lasting, power saving options have made lighting much more efficient. Since LEDs are built to last up to 50,000 hours, you can expect to enjoy your lighting up to 14 years or more!

Do you offer color changing systems?

RGBW which stands for (R)ed, (G)reen, (B)lue, and (W)hite bulbs are relatively new to landscape lighting and are widely offered by Ottos Landscaping and Lighting. We offer drop-in bulbs which work as a replacement to an existing bulb, integrated fixtures where the bulb is permanent within the fixture as well as remote or wi-fi controlled fixtures. Come explore the options!


What is "Hardscaping"?

Hardscaping refers to the non-living, man-made elements in landscaping. These are the permanent or semi-permanent features in a landscape design that serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Some common examples of hardscaping elements are Patios, Walkways, Retaining Walls, Driveways, Partitions and Walls, Pergolas and Arbors, Fire Pits, Gazebos, Trellises and Pergolas.

How do you determine pricing?

Many factors influence project costs such as project scope, materials, site preparation and design complexity. During your at-home complimentary consultation, an Ottos Landscaping representative will review the type of application (wall, walkway or patio), color and style options, review the functionality of your project and measure the area. Once we have that information, we can offer affordable solutions and supply an estimate to you.

How long is the hardscape planning process?

It all depends on your time frame of when you would like to have the project completed. Depending on the size of your project we recommend leaving 1-3 months in advance of your project deadline. This will allow time to plan, develop a custom design, contract and schedule the project.

How can I maintain my hardscape project?

Over the next 25-30+ years your project will be subject to harsh winters, heated summers and rain. As with any concrete surface exposed to the elements, things may fade or get dirty over time from general use. Ottos Landscaping recommends using our paver cleaning, sanding and sealing services every 2-3 years to maintain the luster and color for years to come. For best results when using de-icing agents, please use Calcium Chloride and not rock salt (sodium chloride) which will pit and corrode pavers!

Do you offer Hardscape repair?

Hardscaping at times will be in need of repair. Roots from nearby trees may heave walkways or walls to an unsafe level. If not installed correctly, pavers may settle and will cause water to collect and not drain off properly. Whatever the case may be, Ottos Landscaping will address your concerns, discuss your options and present a cost-effective method to safely correct the problem.

Why would we choose pavers over poured or stamped concrete?

Pavers offer many benefits when it comes to walkways and patios. They supply many color, style and pattern choices offering versatile options for a custom plan. Individual pavers also "flex" with the freeze/thaw cycles and will not produce cracks as concrete slabs tend to do. The ability to repair pavers is also easier than the repair of concrete surfaces, making them more cost effective in the long run.


What is "Softscaping"

Softscaping refers to the living, horticultural elements in a landscape design. These include plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, and other organic materials that enhance the beauty and natural appeal of an outdoor space.

Do we need an irrigation system?

An irrigation system adds many benefits to new landscaping, seed and sod. It relieves owners the troublesome labor of pulling hoses and setting up sprinkler heads throughout the property. Properly installed irrigation systems will also save time and water, delivering the right amount of water and cover the soil to a proper depth. 

When is the best time to plant?

There is the best time and then there is a good time. Some say Spring is best and some say Fall. Both are acceptable. The main issue that you have to be aware of is stress. If your landscape plan calls for relocating plants from other areas in your yard, then February-March or October-November are ideal times. If hard frosts are predicted, then it is best to wait until the grounds thaw to attempt relocation. If you are installing new plants, then anytime of the year is a good time. Again, the main issue to contend with is stress, especially drought stress.  

How often should I water my new landscaping?

It depends on the time of season. With Ottos Landscaping and Lighting, your new plants will be watered by our crew upon installation if water is available. Upon completion you should irrigate deeply (morning and then again early evening) the first week of installation depending on current weather events. This will allow the soil and root ball to stay moist to reduce stress. As time continues (10-14 days) you can reduce the frequency to just one time a day.

Do our plants come with a warranty?

Absolutely! Our installs come with a 1-year warranty; however, we offer our signature "Ongoing Maintenance Warranty" which covers your investment for even longer! Inquire today to get more details.

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